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Tri-County Insulated Building Systems, Inc.
Reward Wall Systems Gives You and Homeowners More

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* More Expertise From the Industry Leader
Reward is one of the original insulated concrete form (ICF) manufacturers and a leader in reidential ICF construction. With more than 10 years' experience, Reward helps you build different and build better.

* More Solid Support For a Competitive Advantage
We give you more know-how, support service and company dedication so that you can stand out from the competition. Plus, our ICF wall system is engineered to be the easiest to use while giving your customers superior
structures at a competitive price.

* More Choices With Our Diverse Product Line
 Build with the best company and the best products

The innovative flat wall block. It's completely adaptable and universal.

              Straightforward Installation for Building Success


1. Start with placing the footings or slab in compliance with local code.
Install the first course of your Reward wall, ensuring it is straight, level and plumb. The stability
of Reward's ICFs helps keep bracing to a minimum.

2. Create rough openings for windows and door and secure them as the wall takes shape.
Use treated lumber or vinyl windows and door bucks, or make the openings ready to use standard masonry attachments for window and doors. Anchor window bucks into the concrete prior to the pour. Access holes in the bottom of the window buck allow you to place concrete directly under the window.

3. Add vertical and horizontal rebar according to job specifications.
Reward ICFs can easily accommodate varying sizes of rebar to strengthen walls and lintels. Reward's engineering department can lend support to your structural engineers.

4. Before you place the concrete, check that the forms are level and plumb.
Reward's rBase is an easy-to-use bracing, alignment and scaffold system that helps with this step. Also check that the walls are level and plumb after you've placed the concrete.

5. Once you've stacked, added reinforcement, braced and checked the forms, you're ready to place the concrete.
Reward recommends placing the concrete into the forms with a concrete boom pump truck. Use concrete with a 5.5" to 6.5" slump with 3/8" to 5/8" aggregate. The concrete should flow at a 45 degree angle as the pour proceeds.

6. After the concrete has set, install the utilities directly into the exposed foam of the Reward wall.
Use a hot knife or router to create channels for the plumbing and electrical wiring according to the local building code.

7. Apply exterior finishes directly to Reward forms.
This can include brick, stone, vinyl and wood sidings. Stucco and EIFS can also be directly applied to Reward forms without additional foam backing.

8. Use standard drywall screws to attach drywall, paneling or other interior finishes directly to the walls.
Locate the recessed fastening surfaces running from the top to the bottom of each Reward form by the well-marked raised bead lines.

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